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penguin-hotel Penguin Divers Activites travel gallery

While on a vacations some constantly run behind high adrenaline, others enjoy relaxing pace every a  while  stopping here or there for another shake or shisha; we meet also those who does not leave a chance to learn…Well, Penguin hotel opens its gates  for all. We simply know how to satisfy all! You choose what you like to do , we organize it for you according to our knowledge, experience and deep respect for your needs!
Have a look at our offer and whether penguin dahab camel safarisafariit is  a short-distance camel  ride or the most extreme mountain hiking, just let us know and all your plans will come true!
Penguin village activities & programs:
*‘Slowly, easy, lazy’ :
Camel ride
Bedouin dinner
Glass-bottom boat trip

*’Not too little, not too much…’
1-day trip to Nabq National Park
Sunset treck
Horse ride
1-day Cairo trip
* ‘adrenaline boosters’:
Jeep desert safari
Camel  deep desert safari
Mount Sinai & St. Cathrine Monastery
Quad bike
And many more….for details contact Emad.


ll trips will begin at The Penguin Village and can be arranged through village staff to suit your individual or group needs. Locations include...
Blue Hole

Snorkelling dahab Blue Hole

Situated 35 minutes north of Dahab village is one of the most celebrated dive sites in the world – DIVER’S MECCA. Snorkellers can also easily access the site from the jetty and immerse themselves in the amazing underwater life.
Depart at 11:00 am and return by 4:00 pm
Late or earlier departure can be arranged
Southern Oasis
Trip departs 11.30 and we drive 30 minutes to this beautiful tiny oasis located south of Dahab. Easily accessible, this coral reef is brilliant for a full or half day trip.
Ras Mohamed
This national park is famous worldwide for its spectacular reef walls, coastline and great variety of marine life.
Depart at 8:00 am and drive 1,5 hours, lunch is included. We will be moving around a few different sites and definitely visiting the national park centre which provides interesting information about this protected area.
Return Dahab approx. 5:30 pm
Ras Abu Galum

Ras Abu Galum

After reaching the Blue Hole by jeep, we ride camels for over one hour along the peaceful coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba to reach our tranquil destination. Here a small number of Bedouin families and fishermen – original inhibitors of Sinai – live in tents. We can visit a number of sites and a wadi running inland also offers the opportunity to explore a beautiful natural canyon.Depart 8 am, return approx. 6 pm. Lunch included
Camel and Jeep Safari

Explore the areas of canyons, oasis, plateaus, sand-dunes & Bedouin camps. Safari's include...

Depart 8 am, going to the north of Dahab, driving towards Nuweiba, from thereon, off road to the heart of the desert and then we start a 1.5 hour trek to the most stunning canyon in the Sinai Peninsula. Then driving through quite barren valleys to reach the relieving oasis of Ein Khudra ,


we stop by a rock on the way to the oasis has a unusual formation that looks like a mushroom. We will have lunch under the palm trees and have the famous Beduin tea afterwards. Then one other adventure to the white canyon, white sand ground and lime stone walls, the hike takes over one hrs, thereon we meet the jeep and drive back to Dahab approx. 6:00 pm
Depart Dahab 8am and drive for approx 2hrs to reach the monastery that is open only for three hrs only,from 9am to 12midday,so we have almost two hrs for the visit.  We are then only one hour away from a great adventure, possibly the most brilliant in Sinai: the Arada canyon starts and ends almost at the same point and provides a unique view of rock formations. The hike takes about one hour and lunch will be ready before we start the hike.
Return approx. 5pm  .


Depart Dahab at 7:30 am, driving to Wadi Gazala where we meet the camel captains who instruct us to ride the camels properly, once we reach the white canyon we start the hike through for one hour and we end up at the oasis of Ein Hudra where we have plenty of time to admire the beauty of the land escape and its people. The captains will have lunch ready by then. Then it’s time for a camel ride to the opening of the Closed Canyon . Here the walls are about 40 to 60 metres high and its width is hardly one metre .
Ride camels back to the main road and then driving back to Dahab at 6pm.

Sunset Trek

This beautiful experience can be combined with a desert sleepover...
Depart Dahab at driving 15 minutes to reach the entrance of the desert, then 1 hr Camel trek through the local valleys with its amazing panoramic view of the mountain of Dahab area, enjoying the amazing sunset from the top of the Wadi, and enjoy some traditional Bedouin tea, return to Dahab approx
SUNSET TREK siani desert

BEDOUIN DINNER & SLEEPOVER To enjoy the absolute natural beauty of dahab you need to look at all the mountains that surround the village at the sunset time and imagine how peaceful it would be to camp out there or to have dinner cooked on the pen fire, the stars are our ceiling and the candles are our only illumination We depart late afternoon and return at 11pm and if it is for sleep over we are back approx 10am
Bedouin Dinner
Enjoy a traditional Bedouin Dinner in the mountains....
To enjoy the absolute natural beauty of dahab you need to look at all the mountains that surround the village at the sunset time and imagine how peaceful it would be to camp out there or to have dinner cooked on the pen fire,
Bedouin Dinner Dahab
the stars are our ceiling and the candles are our only illumination We depart late afternoon and return at 11pm and if it is for sleep over we are back approx 10am
Horse Riding

Horse Riding in Sinai with Penguin boys... Enjoy the beauty of Sinai on horseback. Whether you are an experienced

Horse Riding dahab desert safari

rider or new to this pastime Penguin Village has a horse to suit all abilities, along with enthusiastic guides.
You can ride from one to five hours and if you are really keen can spend the night in the desert with the horses.
A one or two hour ride takes you down the beach and then into a Wadi. On longer rides you will go away from the sea and into the desert. We specialise in small groups and can organize trips into the desert – maximum of 4 nights – these rides need to be booked at least 2 months in advance.

Mt.Sinai & St.Catherine

We offer two different trips - overnight and day excursions. In summer time overnight trips are most popular. In winter day trips are preferred due the colder evening conditions...


•Depart  Dahab late evening from Penguin hotel - approximately 23:00 p.m.. travelling north , then head west into the vast desert towards the Mt. Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

• The strenuous trek up Mt Sinai, may have some of you huffing and puffing up the trail (approximately 3 hours), but once at the summit, you can rest. The dawn of a new day and the changing hues of the horizon, are well worth the effort.
• The climb down is much quicker. On your descent you will visit St. Catherine's Monastery, in honour of Catherine, a Christian martyr who was sentenced to death by the Romans. Greek Orthodox monks take care of the monastery, which
was built in the 6th Century at the foot of Mt. Sinai. We return to Dahab for a noon arrival.


What about your quad-bike parked on a beach of the ravishing Red Sea – how can you possibly compare
Quad bike safari Dahab
the two?! The great difference is that the quad bike and the places that you will be able to visit with us are worth far more than that Porche. We jump onto our quads and off we head to Valley Gonai for an afternoon jam-packed with snake trails, minor dry-river water hazards and the most spectacular chilled drive whilst we hug the coast of the Red Sea. You can take yourself and your loved or take the whole family and friends on an afternoon of sun, fun and laugh after laugh after laugh after laugh.
Nabq National Park

Nabq is situated on the coast between Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh. This 600 km2 desert area was declared a

Nabq National Park
conversation area in 1992. Here you can find a 4 km long mangrove forest. Mangroves belong to the amphibic vegetation and grow in flat, sandy areas along tropical coasts. So-called stalk roots are tightly interwoven both in and above the water. The roots are able to filter the saline water and salt is excreted via the leaves of the trees. Nabq is the natural habitat for a large variety of plant species as well as various animals like Starks, Herons, Desert Foxes, Gazelles and Hyenas. Underwater around Nabq you can even find populations of the extremely rare Manatee also called “Sea Cows” or "Dugongs". Open daily from morning to sunset.
Petra Jordan

Spend 4 days soaking up the history and culture of Petra in Jordan...
Day 1: Transfer to Nuwieba port to catch ferry boat to Aqaba, Arrive Aqaba, transfer from Aqaba to Petra,
Petra Jordan From Dahab
overnight in Petra
Day 2: Breakfast. Start your full day tour to visit Petra "the rose red city". The city comprises a complete urban infrastructure which includes temples, baths, private houses, high places, paved streets, public buildings, markets, theaters, reservoirs and cisterns. It's entrance, a one-kilometer long fissure through the towering cliffs, "The Siq", provides a dramatic approach and induction to the city. The narrow winding path through the canyon dramatically opens up to expose the awesome facade of the Elkhazneh, "the treasury", overnight in Petra.
Day 3: The road south from Petra leads down to Wadi Rum, another of nature's wonderlands that has attracted human beings for thousands of years. Wadi Rum is an unusual desert terrain that resembles a pastel pink lunar landscape, with towering limestone and granite cliffs shooting out of the sandy desert floor. In Wadi Rum which was known as "Lawrence of Arabia Land" time to ride a camel and join a jeep safari, overnight in camp
Day 4: Transfer again to Aqaba, to catch the ferry to Nuwieba, arrive Nuwieba, where you will be transferred to your hotel in Dahab.

Make your own Trip!

You say what you would like, and we do the hard work. Pick from: Egypt tours-Hot offers – Diving- Desert Safari- Daily Excursions. Please contact us with your itinerary.


Historical Sinai Tours

Bronze Age to Present Day
DAY 1: Leave Dahab early morning at 08.00am , and travel to Wadi Arada the entrance of Sinai desert , here we will be met with Fraej's family,and test the first Bedouin cup of tea then meet our camels! Journey
Historical Sinai Tours
through Wadi Arada, past ancient Nabateaan inscriptions and through the Double Canyon .Enjoy lunch at the top of El Gona - 1700m high, Continue through Farsh El Gona .Here we will watch the stunning Sinai Sunset, camp for our first night in the million star penguin desert hotel.
DAY 2: After Breakfast enjoy a morning trek from the camp through Wadi Zalagha one of the most open sandy valleys in south Sinai , it's amazing view of the mountain around the Valley. Relax at El Malagha for lunch, before traveling to the Zaranig Canyons , then 1,5hr trek to get to Zaranig canyons the trek is designed to enjoy the amazing desert sunset.
DAY 3: We spend all of today exploring the largest and deepest of the Zaranig canyons, trekking through deep canyons , and walk alongside we will enjoy the peace and the quiet of the desert. stopping for lunch and tea, and enjoying the spectacular landscape. When it rains, the water floods from here down to Nuweiba. Camp for the night at the start of the 2nd canyon.
DAY 4: Explore 2nd of the Zaranig Canyons enjoy the view of the desert, Journey to Nabq OM radem , where you can marvel at the view whilst relaxing with a cup of tea. Trek down to the wadi for driving 2hr through the sand dune area of Bir Safara which takes it's name from the fresh water well, here we will setup the camp for the night and enjoy the silence After the breakfast we will drive on the spectacular area of the Dunes of the hodouda , the largest and the highest sand Dune in Sinai , lunch is taken with in the valley , after relaxing we move towards the asphalt where we will be driving back to Dahab..

Desert Adventure

Desert - Deep Canyons & High Plateaus
Leave Dahab at 08.00 Am begin our journey to the heart of the Sinai desert.
Desert Adventure Dahab
In the Sandstone area we leave the road for a breathtaking 4X4 adventure through the beautiful wilderness, Driving along Wadi Watir the biggest Wadi in eastern Sinai and visiting the famous colored canyon amongst other places the Ein Fortaga oasis and the Ein Um Ahmed oasis. We spend the first night at the million star hotel in the soft sands at the foot of the central Mt. Baraka.
DAY 1: Exploring by foot the Ein Um Ahmed oasis and its spring which flows through the steep canyon giving life to trees, plants and other vegetation. Back into the Jeep for a 4X4 adventure through the Wadi of Gazzelles with its soft sands and colourful sandstone rocks. We continue by jeep onto the valley overlooking the Ein Hudra oasis. Here we mount camels and by sunset ride down to the shady oasis in the valley below. We spend the night in the Bedouin gardens.
DAY 2: - After breakfast all equipment is loaded onto the camels and we move north east on route to Wadi Rum, to eat lunch. We continue on towards Ein Hudra valley, where we will descend into the valley from the superb location offering a great view. Wadi Khudra is a wide valley of sandstone mountains with a sculpture of the frozen rock created by wind erosion. The sand dunes in this area are in abundance and a variety of wildlife can be found throughout this region ranging from Desert Foxes, Gazelles, Wild Goats and the chirping of the Wheatear Birds. Ein Hudra oasis is an ideal location for base camp with spectacular surrounding desert to explore. The oasis is surrounded by a range of sandstone mountains and reddish cliffs. A small Bedouin settlement, a garden of fruits in the middle of the desert: pomegranates, olives, lemons, figs and full of palm trees, all growing in abundance with fresh water springs. An opportunity to see at first hand the traditional lifestyle of the desert nomads. Dinner is prepared and cooked on the open fire with another night in the million stars hotel.
: Moving on to the unusual rock formations of the southern Mt. Baraka. We visit Birkat Baraka and its neighbouring sand dunes - the biggest in all Sinai. We visit the ancient tribal cemetery of Nawamis (4000 BC), the ‘Rock of Inscriptions' and the beautiful ‘Hollow Mountain'. As the sun goes down we settle for the evening in an authentic Bedouin tent near to the Ein Hudra oasis. Here we enjoy the traditional Bedouin welcome extended throughout the centuries to visitors from foriegn lands and join the Bedouins in their evening meal before settling for the night.
DAY 4: Following breakfast we visit the ancient and sacred monastery of St. Catherine. This place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years is still cared for today in the same ancient tradition by the resident Greek Orthodox Monks. St. Catherine's Monastery is situated at the foot of Mount Sinai in the High Range area. Having toured St. Catherine's monastery we begin the two hour walk that takes us to the summit of Mt. Sinai. Once at the summit we witness the incredible views across this truly enchanting land. Having descended Mount Sinai we return to our vehicle and commence our return journey.

Family Safari

3 days Jeep Safari 1st day:
Start from Dahab to the Coloured Canyon – Wadi Ghazala – Mushroom Rock – lunch with our Bedouin family in
Family Safari Dahab
Oasis Ain Khudra – Closed Canyon – Overnight in Oasis Ain Khudra under millions of stars & palm trees
Day 2: Starting from Ain Khudra – White Canyon – Jebal El Maktoub – Nawamis – lunch in Wadi El Roum – overnight under the stars in Wadi Arada.
Day 3: Double Canyon – sand dune El Safra – Bir El Safra (natural well) – lunch in Jebal El Makharoom – huge sand dune El Hadudah – back to Dahab

3 days Camel Safari
Day1: Taking the Minibus from Dahab to Wadi Ghazala – from there we will get on the Camels – Ride to White Canyon – lunch with the Bedouins at Oasis Ain Khudra – Closed Canyon – Spending our night under the stars in the area of the Closed Canyon
Riding to Wadi El Roum – lunch in Wadi El Roum – discovering the huge area around – overnight in Wadi Am Matamir under millions of stars
Day3: Nawamis – lunch break in Nawamis area – back to the road to meet our Minibus, which will take us back to Dahab.
St. Catherine’s Monastery 6days

Camel Trekking around Mount Sinai
Day 1 : Depart From Dahab By minibus towards Mount Sinai. Meet up with Camels and begin our tour towards the ridges of Abu Jiffa
Day 2 : Ascent of Mount Abu Gassab (2205m),
St. Catherine’s Monastery
the summit of the Jebel Bab range, with a breathtaking view over South Sinai . Picnic in the vicinity of the Ain Nagila spring. We pass a settlement dating from the Byzantine time period, descent into the “Farsh al Rumman” the valley of pomegranates – where we will spend the night .
Day 3 : Walk through the Wadi al Tala canyon from one spring to the next with the possibility of swimming in a natural pool. We climb the Markha ridge and then cross the Farsh Markha and the Farsh Umm Silla Valleys to arrive at our evening camp in the gardens of Wadi Tweita. Day 4 : Following the Wadi Tinia we cross the Shekeria ridge before we climbthe Jebel Abbas Basha (2389m), the highest peak on our trip. Descent towards the Farsh Abu Mahashour Valley, where we see many Byzantine relics. On the Wadi Shag, spending the night near Harazat Ash-Shag .
Day 5 : We trek along the deep Wadi Ahmar gorges. with an optional climb of Jebel Ahmar (2318m). Descending we reach Wadi Al Arbaiin and pass the olive groves of St. Catherine’s Monastery until we reach the slopes of Jebel Safsafa, where we will find traces on an early monastic lifestyle. We spend the night in the vicinity of the Elias Cave .
Day 6: An early morning climb up Mount Sinai (2285m) to experience the sunrise from the summit. After descending we visit the famous St. Catherine’s Monastery. We return to Dahab by minibus, where there is still time to enjoy a relaxing swim in the sea.


Cairo over day

Transfer to Sharm El Sheikh Airport to get your flight to Cairo (it takes 45 minutes to reach Cairo).
Upon arrival at Cairo; you will be met by your guide for the day who will begin your tour in Giza with visiting the legendary majestic The Three Pyramids.
Cairo over day
These are considered one of the Old Seven Wonders, erected by Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerionos.
When you finish exploring the Great Pyramids our next stop is a visit to the Sphinx Monument; guarding the royal burial chambers and temple of Cheops. It is a mythical statue with the body of a lion & human head.
Then you will see the old Pharaohs who were enscribing these lovely papers, and the perfume shops to enjoy the wonderful smell of the fresh oils which the perfumes are made from. Finish before lunch with a camel ride at the Pyramids Area. Have your lunch at a local restaurant. Oriental or vegetarian lunch is available- after that; continue your tour in Cairo with visiting the Egyptian Museum of antiquities, which was established in 1902 near the city centre in Cairo.
On display is a rare collection of 5000 years of art the largest most precious collection of Egyptian art in the world.
hanging church

Over 250,000 genuine artifacts are presented, including an exhibit dedicated to the Tut-Ankh-Amon collection of treasures, gold, and jewellery, as it was enclosed in his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the 1920's when his tomb was excavated.
We then proceed to visit the Coptic Cairo; home of some of the oldest Christian churches in the world. Retrace the steps where Mary and Joseph walked thousands of years ago.
Next, visit the Hanging Church, also known as El Muallaqa that was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, believed to have been built at the end of the 3rd century.
Built on the outer wall is the Greek St. George Church. Finally, a visit to the Khan El Khalili Bazaars that date back to 1382.
Shops in this district are legendary for fine brassware, copper, perfumes, leather, silver, gold, antiques and more! Everything for sale in these shops is negotiable - be prepared to bargain for goods in this exciting maze of shops! At evening; transfer you to Cairo airport to get your flight to Sharm El Sheikh (it takes 45 minutes to reach Sharm El Sheikh).
Upon arrival at Sharm El Sheikh ; you will be transferred to your destination
Emad Special

Day 1: Cairo (no meals provided) Arrive at Cairo International Airport where our representative will meet and assist you through customs and then you claim your baggage. You will be transferred to your selected hotel for an evening free for your own leisure.
Day 2: Cairo Today you will be transported back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Our friendly guide will accompany you to the awe-inspiring Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza and then onwards to Sakkara to see the first pyramid ever built - the Step Pyramid of Zosser.

King Tut

After this you will enjoy the legendary treasures of the Egyptian Museum. Take a look at some of the most exquisite and ancient artefacts and statues in history.
Day 3: Cairo – Dahab Morning bus trip to Dahab. After checking into the Penguin Village you will then have a camel ride to the blue Lagonna for sunset. Day 4: Dahab Morning transfer to go snorkelling at the Blue Hole. We spend the day relaxing and exploring the wonderful reefs of the Red Sea.
Day 5: Dahab Today you are free to explore Dahab at your pleasure. In the evening we head towards St Catherine's Monastery to climb Mt. Sinai. Once arriving at the top, you can relax and gaze at the millions of stars before drifting off to sleep. Overnight Mt Sinai.
Day 6: Dahab (No meals provided) We rise early this morning to watch the sun rise from the top of Mt. Sinai. After this you will begin your descent towards St. Catherine’s Monastery where you will be able to visit the smallest, yet oldest Christian Monastery in the world. We arrive back in Dahab around noon, where the rest of the day and night is free.

Penguin Restaurant

Day 7: Dahab An early morning start to embark on an adventure by jeep, firstly to the Coloured Canyon. Here we climb through the canyon to view the spectacular colours that gave it its name. Then we continue on to one of the world's most spectacular oases: Ain Khudra Oasis. With its many date and palm trees we relax while enjoying our Bedouin cooked lunch. We return to Dahab for a free evening.
Day 8: Dahab After noon get prepared for a fishing trip and get your own dinner to cook at the mountain, live like a Bedouin and join us for BBQ.


Discover Egypt 9 days from Cairo to Dahab

Day 1: Upon arrival at Cairo International Airport you will be met by our airport representative (holding a Penguin Village sign with your name), who will assist you with the passport control formalities, luggage identification and customs procedures.
Discover Egypt From Dahab
Then you will be transferred to your hotel to spend the night. Our Cairo head Rep will welcome you, help you check-in to the Hotel and let you know the plan for the next few days.
Day 2: Morning - breakfast at the hotel then our friendly expert Egyptologist guide will accompany you to the area - inspiring Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza which was built 4600 years ago. Khufu, the successor of Sneferu, was known as a tyrant and in his arrogance he decided to have a tomb built that was bigger and better than all others. The three Pyramids: Cheops (Khufu), Chephren (Khafra) & Mycrenios (Menkaura).
The Great pyramid was built by King Cheops (IV Dynasty). King Chefren, the son of Cheops, built the second Pyramid and the third pyramid was built in the reign of “Menkaura”, the son of Chefren. The mysterious Sphinx, with its mask of Chephren and body of a Lion, stands Close by guard of the land of Pharaohs.
The Sphinx and the three pyramids are considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.Then on to Sakkara which lies 25 Km south of Cairo. Djeser’s (Zosser’s) step Pyramid, (built 4700 years ago), dominates the skyline and is believed to be the ancient Egyptians' first attempt at pyramid building, to see the first pyramids ever built the step pyramid of Zosser.
Day 3: Morning - breakfast at the hotel then our friendly expert Egyptologist guide will accompany you to visit the famous Egyptian museum where you will see many precious antiquities. Afterwards onto Islamic areas of Cairo, including the Citadel of Saladdin which boasts the famous Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali. After that you will visit the Coptic area of Cairo where the Romans constructed the fortress of Babylon. Built on the ruins of two towers of the fortress towers is the church of St. Mary, more commonly known as the Hanging Church. Next you will visit St. Sergius where it is said to be the resting place for the holy family. Overnight 1st class sleeper train to Aswan.

Day 4: Upon arrival at the Aswan train station, you will be met and transferred to your selected Cruise. After freshening up you can take an afternoon tour to the Philae temple. As the centre of the cult of Isis, the island of Philae was an important place of pilgrimage for worshippers until long into the Christian era.
From Philae, Isis was said to watch over the sacred island of Biga, one of the mythical burial sites of her husband Osiris. After the building of the Aswan Dam, the island’s temples were partly submerged in water and visitors took to rowing boats to peer at the remains. Then Aswan High Dam, one of the biggest dams in the World (measuring 360 feet high and over a mile and a half wide), was erected to store the flood waters of the Nile in Lake Nasser. Overnight at your Cruise.
Day 5: (Optional Abu Simbel Tour) After breakfast, you will sail by Felucca to visit Elephantine island: the island is characterized by its Grey boulders which some say resemble elephants drinking form the Nile. And Kitchner island or Botanical Island to see the beautiful and peaceful botanical gardens with a nice collection of plants from all over the world. Overnight on the Cruise Boat.

Day 6: Enjoy your breakfast while cruising down the Nile. Visit Kom Ombo temple and then continue sailing. Later you will stop at Edfu to visit Horus Temple the second large temple in Egypt. Overnight on the cruise boat while sailing towards Luxor.
Day 7: Arrive Luxor , after breakfast, tour to the East Bank of Luxor Karnak and Luxor temples, followed by a free afternoon and evening. Overnight on the boat.
Day 8: An early morning, continuation our touring in Luxor, by visiting the West Bank - Valley of the Kings: the remote, barren Valley of the Kings was the necropolis of the New Kingdom pharaohs. By digging their tombs deep into the Theban Hills, pharaohs from Tuthmosis I on hoped to stop robbers stealing the priceless possessions buried with them. Valley of the Queens: Named by Champollion, the Valley of the Queens lies to the south-west of the Valley of the Kings and holds the tombs of many royal wives and children. Hatshepsut Temple: Against its stark mountainous backdrop, the partly rock-hewn Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir al-Bahri is a breath-taking sight. Colossi of Memnon: the two enthroned statues of Amenhotep III are the first monuments most visitors see on arriving in the West Bank. Bus to Hurghada over night at your selected hotel.
Day 9: Morning of Day 9, you will be transferred to the Ferry terminal in Hurghada to take the fast ferry from Hurghada to Sharm El Sheik. Upon arrival in Sharm El Sheik you will be transferred to Dahab where we will welcome you to our lovely paradise Penguin Village where you can continue your holiday in your own way. Choose to go diving the unique coral reefs of the red sea, snorkel the world famous blue hole, take the pilgrimage to St. Catherines monestary and explore the beautiful Sinai desert in jeeps or in tranquil silence on camels or alternatively just sit back and relax and enjoy the paradise that is Dahab.


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